Open Photo Booth Setup Dimensions & Size: How much room or space is required to fit a Photo Booth?

Open Photo Booth Dimensions

Learn about the photo booth setup and how we can fit our photo booth in just about anywhere!

Photo booth dimensions

The Photo Booth Setup

Photo Booth Setup – Our portable photo booth for hire, sits on a small 1.5 meter wide table. The table fits the photo booth & props for your guests to use.

Next, is our backdrop. Our backdrop is an open curtain, which sits on a backdrop stand, which is 2.5 meters wide.

In the above mockup, your photo booth table sits approximately 1.5 meters away from the backdrop, which is ideal. Depending on space, this can be increased or decreased by half a meter, to ensure we can fit your photo booth comfortably. 

Where is best to setup the open Photo Booth?

The photo booth setup requires power, so the space you provide will will need to be within a few meters of a standard power outlet.  We have power extension cords as well, to assist with connecting to nearby power. 

The photo booth backdrop is best setup against a wall. Ideally, the photo booth will be setup against a wall,  in the main room of the event. If there is not enough space in your main event, we can potentially shoot room entrance/lobby, or inside the main event room, without the backdrop, meaning you only need a 1.5 meter wide space to fit the photo booth.

The photo booth also has delicate electrical components, such as a DSLR camera, sublimation printer and onboard computer/touch screen. To ensure the equipment is not damaged, we request to be placed inside a room, or if placed outside, under cover away from the elements (eg; veranda, canopy, marque).

As we are the only providers of the extremely portable Flair Booths, we can do setup our photo booth at any building, including narrow buildings, with lots of stairs. No elevators needed. 

What does the photo booth setup look like?

Open Photo booth setup white curtain

In the above image, you can see the photo booth setup at a wedding reception center. The backdrop is up against a wall, and there was a nearby power outlet, just a few meters from the setup spot.

Since the venue has lots of space, we sat the photo booth back 2 meters, so that we could do large group shots of the guests. This can ofcourse be decreased down to 1 meter, if you are tight on space. 

We have one of the most portable photo booths in Australia, which can be fit almost anywhere. If you have any concerns about the placement of your Sydney photo booth hire, please contact us via phone or email to discuss.