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Karaoke is our latest Entertainment Service, bringing a fun and interactive audio installment to your next party.

Our setup includes our Karaoke box, TV screen, mobile app remote interface interface & microphones. The package offers over 55,000 songs on our hard drive, covering a variety of genres from the 1950s to today’s top 40.

Your guests can download our karaoke app directly on their own device or use a tablet supplied by us to gain access to karaoke hard drive library. Sync up to 60 karaoke tracks at a time on the play list, allowing you and your guests to focus on the party experience at hand.

Each track offers on screen lyrics to follow, as well as fun animations or original video clips for selected tracks for your guests to enjoy.

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Juke Box

If your budget doesn’t allow for a DJ, but your guests would still love some great party music, then take advantage of our live Juke Box hire for your next event. Bundled with our photobooth, the Juke Box is an affordable add on providing 10s of thousands of thousands of tracks, across every genre,

The Juke Box is regularly updated with the latest chart topers, as well as classic tracks from the past to suit people of all tastes. You guests simply use the interactive touch screen to select their tracks of choice, and the Juke Box will handle the rest, Our Juke Box has a running play list, meaning you can pre-load up to 120 of your  preferred tracks in advance, avoiding constantly loading new songs through out your event.

The Juke Box is easy to use, and doesn’t require any internet coverage to perform on the day. Simply find, select and add your songs for the night, and party away as the jukebox flashes bright lights and colors to your favorite tracks!


PA System

Looking to pack some extra punch at your next gig? If you’ve got Rapid Print looking after your booth or Print Bar at your next event, why not consider us for your audio needs?

For those not requiring the full Karaoke or Juke Box experience, but still looking to have their favorite tracks on throughout the night, consider adding our mobile PA System to your event. We can offer a full audio experience at the fraction of a cost of a DJ.

Our setup includes 2 Yamaha BR15 speakers, offering 98db and a whopping 800wats of audio power. Teamed up with our easy to use 8ch, EMX212, Yamaha powered speaker, we can connect up to 4 microphones (cord or cordless available), as well a heavy 18” JBL subwoofer for some smashing bass.

Our setup is rated for crowds of up to 150 people, suitable for both outdoor areas and functions centers where great audio is a must. Simply plug in your MP3, phone or laptop, to select what kind of tracks you want for the night. The added microphones make the PA System ideal for MCs and speeches, providing the perfect touch to every milestone event.

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