August 2023 – Sydney Photobooth Hire Competitor Watch

August Photobooth

Being Australia’s largest city, Sydney has also the most photobooth hire suppliers in the country, making it an extremely competitive market. While price isn’t everything, we’ll keep tabs on the latest offers of our competitors, to see how we compare in the photobooth hire market

Google Advertisements for Photobooth Hire Sydney

Our simple Google Search for ‘Photobooth Hire Sydney reveals a number of our competitors, but many continue not to display pricing.

Booth Fairy continues at the top of list, but no prices available on their website. Prior to getting into the booth industry, I actually met one of the operators or founders at a Corporate event, who advised it was approx. $250 an hour. Given these are pre-covid prices, they could be different.

Sydney Photo-Booth is next, with again, no pricing available.

Snappy Photobooths offers prices, starting at $1000 for 3 hours. In addition to the Rapid Print current offer of $500, offers an online Gallery and Social Media sharing.

Of the remaining 1st page results for Photobooth Hire Sydney, only Pixi Booth contains on page pricing, with their starter package @ $590 for 3 hours. Like Snappy booths, they offer Social Media sharing, but it’s unclear if they provide prints (media is apparently ‘supplied by client’).

Gumtree Advertisements for Photobooth hire, 20KM from Sydney

Leading Gumtree, we have Fantasy Photos, which specializes in photography/videography currently offers a special of 10% off their Sydney photo booth, but no mention of base pricing.

We then have Pete from Ashfield, who advertises $250, but it’s not clear if this is per hour or package. There is no photobooth website for Pete from Ashfield, either.

A good Filipino friend, by the name of Johnrey, has a special at $380 for 2 hours + $120 for the 3rd hour. Johnrey was able to cover us when one of attendants was unavailable with Covid, so lots of respect to him.  His package includes 4×6 size post card prints, which is a great offer for those that don’t like the photostrips.

Facebook Advertisements

The Photobooth hire search on Facebook reveals mostly Spin Booths (more on that in another article), but the top 3 photobooth hire ads, with prices, have packages starting at $350 for hours by Michael F., followed by $450 by Peter E. (no mention for how long) and $600 for 3 hours, by Michelle T.

The Facebook Ads are most vague in terms of pricing, as they all advertise some kind of dollar figure, but don’t go into much detail in what your photobooth hire package includes.