Webcam vs DSLR Camera

A common theme in the photo booth industry is the webcam vs DSLR debate. You’ll find the photo booth industry in Sydney is dominated by DSLR cameras, which is different to East Asia where webcams are the norm for Photo booth events.

The DSLR camera is by far the better option when it comes to photobooth pictures, offering better quality photos, the option of an added flash, and more customisable features to ensure a better quality of photo in rough shooting environments. The particular lens and power of the DSLR far outweighs the most expensive webcam on the market, both overseas and in Australia.

So why does the Webcam still find its way to the line of up quality photo booth companies in Australia and in particular in Asia? The answer is simple – while DSLRs provide a superior quality photo, the detail is almost unrecognisable by the human eye when printing small 2 x 6 prints at events. In places like China, were photo booths are mostly used for corporate type events, most guests only are interested in their photo strips, rather than the digital copy.

Another reason why professional photo booth businesses might opt for a webcam is that while DSLRs provide excellent photos, webcams can often provide better video footage than DSLR cameras that may have a video option. As a result, photo booth businesses in Australia may use a Webcam when offering a video booth as part of their key product offering.

At Rapid Print, we provide digital copies to all our guests, so we ensure we only ever shoot with a professional DSLR camera. As part of our promise to all Sydney based customers, we always have 2 DSRLs on hand at every event, in case one goes down. If a video booth is important to you, we can also ensure we bring our Go Pro to provide a higher quality video booth experience for your guests.