The Importance of Photobooth Hire Backups

Photobooth hire sydney

So, it happened. Saturday the 12th of March, just as the Sydney rain comes to an end, we get our first non-cancelled photobooth green screen event in weeks. Everything is going great, until a guest accidently clicks yes to a Microsoft Windows update. Rats! Now the photobooth doesn’t want to be turned off or cancelled, making it impossible for guests to get their photobooth photos.  

Photobooth rentals are a bit like a blind date, you don’t know what you are going to get. This is why Rapid Print Photobooth always insist on a photobooth hire with a complimentary attendant, as part of the package.

A lot of photobooth hires in Sydney would be quick to admit defeat, and leave the candidate stranded for potentially hours without a photobooth. Fortunately, at Rapid Print Photobooth, we promise a no-technical breakdown guarantee, if any of our printers, cameras or computers goes down, we can easily replace them within 15 minutes, ensuring minimal interruptions to your event.  

As you can see from the photos, this Sydney photobooth hire started off amazing. The green screen photobooth is a hit, until the mandatory upgrade commences. Within 15 minutes, we replaced the photobooth computer with one of spares, and the party continued almost uninterrupted.

That’s the Rapid Print Photobooth promise, we always bring the backups!