Photobooth Space – Making it work

photobooth hire sydney

The Sydney Photobooth Hire scene is diverse; at Rapid Print Photobooth, we cater for photobooth events including weddings, birthdays, corporate events & all celebrations.

Sometimes for more intimate gatherings, it’s not uncommon to provide a cheap photobooth rental for a local resident place. For this reason, we have designed our photobooth hire service to be compatible with the tightest and smallest of spaces.

If it’s a spare room, or a patio, or a veranda, Rapid Print Photobooth Sydney allows you to book us in with confidence, ensuring your photobooth rental can be setup anywhere at any time.

In the photographed situation, we had less just 2.5 meter wall space, with an even smaller 1.5 meters squared to place the booth. We were able to make it work, and had up to 12 people in a group photo, providing great photobooth pictures. 

Got a tight space? Enquire today on how we can deliver a quality and affordable photobooth hire to your place of venue today in Sydney.