How much room do you need for a photobooth?

Dimensions for fitting in a photobooth

photobooth dimensions

How much space is needed for a Photobooth?

The short answer to this is, simple – it’s very little! We can adapt our booth to suit any environment, as long as we can connect to nearby power.

If you’re looking to book a booth with us, below is the exact space requirements:

  • Enclosed booth: 3 meters squared for the 4 enclosed panels, and the booth is 2.4 meters high

  • Open booth: the backdrop is 2.4 wide, and 2.4 meters high. Add an additional 1.5 meters across from the backdrop to fit the booth and prop table

At the Rapid Print team, we’ve setup at events on short notice were the venue hasn’t been able to provide the required space to setup an elaborate backdrop or enclosed photobooth.


A specific example was Christmas party in 2018, when had to drag our booth equipment up 3 flights of stairs at an old Syndey Pub in Surry Hills. With less than 4 foot space, there was no room for a backdrop, so instead, we used our mobile ring light equipment, and set up shooting at a wall decorated wall. The guests had an awesome time and we got great feedback, despite the logistical difficulties of the facility.


The truth is, the booth gives your guests a chance to have a great time with their fronts in front of the big camera, providing memorable moments for everyone involved.