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Hashtag Printing

If you’d like your guests to take home personalised prints of your big event, but don’t have the space for a photobooth, be sure to consider Hashtag Printing, available now across Sydney.

We setup our photobooth hire printer & touch screen on site at your event and turn your guests into little photographers, who then take all the pictures for us. Once they’ve taken a photo on their phone, they simply upload the picture on their Instagram or Twitter account using a customised # of your choice. All photos posted using that specific hashtag will be atomically printed on site within 12 seconds, ready for your guests to collect and take home.

Hastag printing can be customised with any branding of your choice, while also offering contest mode,  as a live lucky draw for your guests. 

The Hashtag printer is standard as part of our Mobile Printing package, and you can opt to have either a Roving Photographer or Print Bar added at no extra cost to your package. 

Roving Photography

As a proffesional photobooth vendor, we also specialise in event photography, outside the traditional booth setting. If you’re looking to provide your guests an opportunity to take home some prints, but don’t have the room for a backdrop, or would prefer more serious photos of your guests, then invest in our Roving Photographer. 

Our Roving Photographer will setup our mobile photobooth printer on site at your event, and take photos of your guests in their natural setting using a DSLR camera. This can includes your guests been seated at their tables, on the dance floor, mingling with friends or family, or even engaging in corporate conferences. The Roving Photographer can share your guests photos with them, so they can select which ones are suitable for printing. Using Wi-fi technology, the DSLR camera will communicate with our photobooth printer, organising an instant 4×6 print for your guests to collect.

Roving Photography is a great for your guests to enjoy their photos live and on site at every event. 

Print Bar

If your friends, family and guests aren’t as social media savvy, but would still love to have live printing available at their event, contact us about our mobile Print Bar.

The system is an easy setup, we simply have a print bar attendant setup a small table with alternative printing options for your guests. 

If some of your guests don’t have Instagram or Twitter & can’t make use of the hashtag printing, we also offer a Facebook page for them to upload their photos, as well as a regular mobile & whatsapp number if they prefer to text their pics through. Within 12 seconds, your guests can live print their favorite mobile photos, making the Print Bar an excellent alternative to a traditional photobooth.

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